Who is LifeLine24?

LifeLine24 is a privately owned, long-term care pharmacy, specializing in high acuity patients / residents and frequent admit facilities.  Our clients include Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Personal Care Facilities, Rehabilitation Hospitals, and DD Home Care Facilities.

LifeLine Pharmacy has developed policies and procedures around the philosophy that the patient is always the highest priority.  Developing one-on-one relationships with every client is of utmost importance, and we recognize that each hospital and facility is different. That’s why LifeLine24 works closely with care providers to find optimum solutions for their unique needs.

Our pharmacy provides open lines of communication, excellent customer support and innovative technology.  LifeLine24 ensures fast, accurate delivery of medications.  By eliminating medication errors and scheduling deliveries at opportune times, LifeLine24 will decrease the time spent passing meds, allowing nurses to increase productivity and ultimately improve patient care.


Founders Joe Wittrock and Wally Williams have nearly forty years of combined experience in long-term pharmacy operations. After gaining experience managing other long-term care pharmacies, they developed a new model that combines high-quality customer service and the latest pharmacy technology.

LifeLine has grown by word of mouth since 2007. It began with high acuity rehabilitation hospitals, then branched out to skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. With each successful relationship, the business has grown to become a trusted brand among facility managers in the tri-state area.

What can LifeLine24 offer my facility?

  • Open lines of communication from nurse to pharmacist and everyone in between.
  • Innovative technology that reduces dosing and medication errors, orders not received, and scheduling errors.
  • Customer service that responds to the intense environment of hospitals and nursing homes.
  • LifeLine is fluent in all parts of Medicare and Medicaid, as well as private insurance
  • A long-term care pharmacy that just works. We believe that pharmacy operations should be invisible to your staff once our system is in place.

Our system helps institutions spend less time worrying about medication problems and more time on patient care and productivity. Please read our website for more information about our line of services.



Joseph Wittrock

Founder and Ohio Manager

With a dream of combining innovation with the neighborhood feel of an independent pharmacy, Joe founded LifeLine24. By combining the latest pharmaceutical technologies with a well-honed customer-service ideal, he brings patients the highest level of pharmaceutical care.

Wally Williams

Founder and Florida Manager

Founder and manager of the Florida pharmacy, Wally Williams has been working in the pharmaceutical industry since 1990. Wally’s focus is to expand LifeLine24’s business to new areas and demonstrate the LifeLine24 difference to long-term care facilities.



Our culture of striving for order accuracy and exemplary customer service motivates everything we do and all the decisions that we make. Our employees love working here because their personal values are aligned with LifeLine24. We have a work hard, play hard attitude where fun is essential and we love to reward individuals that go above and beyond what is expected of them.


Courageous Exploration

You think outside the box, challenge the status quo and are not content with mediocrity.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

You constantly raise the performance bar and exceed your own and other’s expectations.

Personally Accountable for the Team’s Success

You understand that success is dependent on everyone and measured as a team