One of the most sensitive links in the medication audit trail is between the nurse and the patient/resident. LifeLine24 uses a system called Accu-Flo to help your facility control distribution of medication from the cabinet or tote to the patient. When properly used, this system reduces time spent by nurses for medication distribution and reduces medication errors. The integrated eMAR, control, and logging systems within Accu-Flo allow administrators to know where every dose of medication is at any point in time.

Here are some of the features of this system:

Electronic eMAR system

Accu-Flo’s eMAR (Electronic Medical Administration Records) module allows nurses to ensure that medications are administered correctly and in a timely manner, and allows administrators to make sure that it is done. The system also ensures that just the right amount of medication is taken from the cabinet for each patient by comparing it to patient records. The system also displays the photo of the patient for the nurse, so that there is no question of who the medication is going to.

Controlled substance monitoringAccuFlo-0

Controlled substance theft is a worry at all institutions. When a nurse puts medication onto their cart, the package is scanned into Accu-Flo. That medication is now tracked by nurse and by shift. If the medicine disappears, you’ll know who had it and when.

Comprehensive medication logging

With Accu-Flo, every medication dose in a facility is tracked. You will know when it was taken out, who took it, and when it was administered. The logging system can also be used track how much medication is in a facility in case a reorder needs to happen earlier than scheduled.

Electronic reorderingAccuFlo-1

If you do notice that you need to reorder, a few simple clicks is all that is needed to send an order to the pharmacy. No need to stay on the phone until the order is complete. You can even have the system automatically reorder medications once supply reaches a certain level. Accu-Flo can help you manage your most commonly-used medications easily while also going paperless.