AcudoseRX and EMMA


LifeLine24 utilizes a state of the art emergency medication cabinet.  AcudoseRX is an automated dispensing system that increases availability of medications, reduces medication errors, reduces diversion, saves time, and saves the facility financially.  Below is a description of top benefits facilities experience utilizing the AcuDoseRX system:

Reduces Medication Errors

Nurses need to be able to get certain medications on-demand. Nurses also don’t want to waste time at the cabinet figuring out where to find medication or worrying that medications won’t be there when they need them. With AcuDose, many of the errors that can crop up at these medication cabinets are greatly reduced, such as missing medication and medication confusion.

Financial Savings

AcuDose RX-1Since AcudoseRX tracks the removal of each medication we know exactly who each medication was used for. Therefore the facility no longer gets charged for missing medications from their emergency box.

Increases Availability of Medications

Depending on the configuration, AcudoseRX has the ability to store over 300 medications.
It also communicates to the pharmacy in real time to eliminate stock outs. It drastically increases the availability of medications compared to traditional emergency boxes.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

The AcuDose-RX system keeps track of inventory levels with the RightStock feature. As soon as a medication drops below a certain amount, an automatic refill order is filed. These levels can be set per medication and per cabinet. AcuDose RX-2This helps our technicians fill cabinets only when they really need to be restocked and keeps nurses from having to file refill orders as often.

The console of each cabinet is locked with biometric technology. All a nurse has to do is touch the pad and they gain access. No need for card swiping or remembering passwords. However, the system also keeps any drawers and compartments that aren’t needed locked during retrieval. This can be over-ridden if necessary. Since every medication is locked, and every time a nurse enters the AcudoseRx it is logged, the chance of diversion is greatly diminished. Also, it is possible for a nurse to save her retrieval mid-way in case of an interruption. When used properly, this cuts down on medication errors.

Time Savings

The drawers are also set up so that the same medications are placed in the same locations each time, and each appropriate compartment lights up when the nurse pulls medications out. This facilitates the speedy retrieval of medication.

Secure and Accurate Medication Dispensing

Drawers can also have multiple levels of security. You can lock access to certain medications to balance safety with accessibility. The facility nurse will also have to scan each compartment on refill. The system will warn the facility nurse if they are about to refill the container with the wrong medication.

Convenient Packaging

Also, the system can offer integrated medication bag drawers and printed labels, so that nurses can keep bundles of medication in one convenient package similar to our Parata PASS packages. It’s just one more feature that will help your nurses provide accurate medications every time to your patients.