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LifeLine24 our goal is to assist in making the nursing processes more efficient. One of our key technologies to make this happen is our Parata PASS system. It is a medicine packaging automation system that has been shown to reduce the time it takes a nurse to complete their med-pass by 30-45 minutes.   The efficiency of Parata Pass not only helps the nursing staff but is the cornerstone of how we can fill your medications every day in a 24-hour pack which allows us to get your medications to you faster. Parata PASS strip packaging also offers your facility many benefits:

Drastically reduces medication errors by using strip packaging

Parata PASS packages patient medicines by dosing times in a strip packaging format. Each packet is clear, so all pills are visible. This eliminates the need for nurses to go through blister packs and bingo cards to get medicine.

Clear labeling

Each medication package has the following information printed on it:

  • Patient/Resident name
  • The time the medicine is to be administered
  • The names of the medication and their strengths
  • Directions for the medications
  • Expiration dates
  • Bar coding for integration with our DocuTrack system

All the nurse has to do is check their eMAR against the package, open it up, and follow the directions printed.

Control Medication Costs

With Parata, we can send out medications on a 24-hour supply schedule. This helps your facility save money. We have found that restocking fees drop significantly with facilities that use strip packaging systems like Parata, and LifeLine’s integrated technology suite drops costs even further.

Parata Check-Pass

Facilities and state regulatory agencies want to make sure that the right medications are getting to the right people. It all begins at the pharmacy, and our Parata PASS and Parata Pearl Check PASS systems help to ensure that this happens right from the beginning. The Parata Check PASS machine is our automated medication packaging verification system.

Package Verification

You don’t have time to track down pharmacy errors. It’s the responsibility of your long-term care pharmacy to make sure that all medications are delivered properly. By using systems like Parata Pearl Check PASS, LifeLine24 can provide a visual audit trail of all medications that are dispensed from our pharmacy.

Visual check of all medications

parata-packagesAs the packages are coming off of the dispensing system, they are spooled for analysis by Parata Pearl Check PASS. The system scans the barcode on each system to verify the contents and takes a photograph of what is inside the package. The software analyzes each pill against Parata’s medication database for size, shape, and color. If it thinks it finds an error, the system will flag that package for additional physical inspection by a pharmacist.

Medication control

Missing medication is a nightmare. If it should be discovered that medications are going missing or you suspect that someone on your staff is stealing medications, we can help you. You can use our auditing system to show that the pills were shipped out correctly. Our other systems track the medication through delivery, handoff, and administration, helping you to narrow down suspects. By combining Parata PASS and Parata Pearl Check PASS, LifeLine24 is able to provide the verification procedures you need to take full advantage of Parata PASS packaging. For more information about Parata PASS, we invite you to read our information page on this offering.



One of the most sensitive links in the medication audit trail is between the nurse and the patient/resident. LifeLine24 uses a system called Accu-Flo to help your facility control distribution of medication from the cabinet or tote to the patient. When properly used, this system reduces time spent by nurses for medication distribution and reduces medication errors. The integrated eMAR, control, and logging systems within Accu-Flo allow administrators to know where every dose of medication is at any point in time.

Here are some of the features of this system:

Electronic eMAR system

Accu-Flo’s eMAR (Electronic Medical Administration Records) module allows nurses to ensure that medications are administered correctly and in a timely manner, and allows administrators to make sure that it is done. The system also ensures that just the right amount of medication is taken from the cabinet for each patient by comparing it to patient records. The system also displays the photo of the patient for the nurse, so that there is no question of who the medication is going to.

Controlled substance monitoringAccuFlo-0

Controlled substance theft is a worry at all institutions. When a nurse puts medication onto their cart, the package is scanned into Accu-Flo. That medication is now tracked by nurse and by shift. If the medicine disappears, you’ll know who had it and when.

Comprehensive medication logging

With Accu-Flo, every medication dose in a facility is tracked. You will know when it was taken out, who took it, and when it was administered. The logging system can also be used track how much medication is in a facility in case a reorder needs to happen earlier than scheduled.

Electronic reorderingAccuFlo-1

If you do notice that you need to reorder, a few simple clicks is all that is needed to send an order to the pharmacy. No need to stay on the phone until the order is complete. You can even have the system automatically reorder medications once supply reaches a certain level. Accu-Flo can help you manage your most commonly-used medications easily while also going paperless.



The need to keep health records straight is imperative for facilities and pharmacies alike. FrameworkECM allows us to offer the ability to replace paper-based systems with a single software solution. FrameworkECM is designed to increase efficiency, productivity, and give your facility a competitive edge.

Here’s how:

No Lost Faxes

With FrameworkECM digital and cloud faxing systems, you will no longer worry about the pharmacy losing your fax, or waiting forever on the phone until they can verify the accuracy of an order. You can track your orders every step of the way.

Fewer order errors

You can assure your patients that they will get the right medications and ensure that our pharmacy will give them to you as you requested. FrameworkECM document viewer system allows us to zoom in on documents for clarification. A misread word can cause serious problems for your patients, and this system helps us help you get medications right the first time every time.

Easy pharmacy auditing

docu-2One of the major advantages of FrameworkECM is their barcoding system. Instead of having to manually type in invoice numbers or prescription orders, a simple scan will bring up the order and all related documentation. Barcodes can also be programmed to pre-clear prescription authorizations, and refills can be submitted in one batch.

These barcodes allow us to fulfill your orders very quickly with little hassle and allow you to confirm everything that was in order if something does go wrong. With just a few mouse clicks, the pharmacy can pull a complete history of every document related to a patient/resident or a delivery, and provide the facility with a history of the medication delivery process.



The centerpiece of LifeLine24’s technological suite is FrameworkLTC. FrameworkLTC is the “glue” that connects all of our other components together into one whole. It is also what allows us to build customized solutions for your facility. At LifeLine24, we believe that every facility should be able to control their pharmacy procedures. Here’s some of the benefits you’ll receive with this system.

Integrated patient medication records

With FrameworkLTC’s web interface, you can maintain patient/resident profiles, print medical records, and place orders to the pharmacy. FrameworkLTC also connects to Medispan’s Drug Therapy Monitoring System. This system flags many different types of potentially harmful interactions, and gives dosing recommendation based on patient age and renal function.

Full medication auditing

Framework-1Every order is tied to a master barcode that ties into all of our other systems. This barcode also ties into the patient/resident records.  Once a label is printed it is tracked through our workflow to completion.  FrameworkLTC does not allow us to complete our end of day until every label has gone through every workflow step.  What does this mean to the facility?  It means you have less order not received.


Cost control

Every facility is looking for ways to control cost.  FrameworkLTC has the ability to put restrictions such as an order must be approved by the facility if over a set cost before it can be sent.  FrameworkLTC allows us to put in hard stops so the medication is not sent without approval.


FrameworkLTC has an abundance of reports available for the facility.  However, if it does not have a report already available, it gives us the ability to customize one for you.

Facility LinkFramework-2

Secure communications

Another key piece to this system is Facility Link. This is a private, secured communication system between facilities and the pharmacy that allows sharing of patient information.

Pre-admission auditing

When a new patient comes in, it can be difficult to estimate the costs of their medications before admission. With FrameworkLTC, you can use Facility Link to find out how much they will cost your facility before you quote a price to the resident.


FrameworkLTC gives you the ability to re-order medications through Facility Link.  The system will flag you if the re-order is too soon or if it was already ordered today.


You can track your orders and see what is being delivered in your tote for the day. You can see what was in the tote previous days as well.  It also gives yout the ability to do a report for all new orders from a specified time frame.

Medical Records

New admit, cant read what the prior nurse wrote on the MAR or its just messy?  Through Facility Link framework gives you the ability to print off Medical Records at the facility.  LifeLine24 can still print them for you as well.


Do you ever wonder if your pharmacy is giving you credit for everything you return?  FrameworkLTC gives you that confidence.  Through Facility Link you can reconcile your returns.  The report shows you what you indicated was returned, what was credited, and reason why if it was unable to be credited.  It simply gives you peace of mind.

These are just a few of the advantages LifeLine24 offers you through the use of FrameworkLTC.
Simply put, FrameworkLTC is our most powerful tool to help facilities keep control of their processes while also enjoying the benefits of our technology suite



DeliveryTrack is LifeLine’s pharmacy delivery accountability system. It is the system that we use to close the gap between the pharmacy and the facility. One of the big worries that facilities have about medications is where they are during delivery. With DeliveryTrack, we can tell you exactly where that delivery is in real time. DeliveryTrack gives you lots of advantages:

No need to check the order

With DeliveryTrack, there is no need to wait for our drivers to verify each tote before delivery. Just scan, sign, and leave. No more waiting for the driver! The system will also flag for controlled substances that need additional signatures, so all regulations are followed.

Real-time tracking of deliveries

The system’s scanning and GPS features let everyone know where that delivery is in real time. You’ll never get an answer of “it’s out for delivery”. Using Google Maps, we are able to tell facilities within seconds where a delivery driver is. Not only that, but we can tell how long they have been on their route so far and if they have made any stops along the way.

Fewer Orders Not Received

Everything is checked over multiple times at the pharmacy before the truck leaves our parking lot. The driver has to manually scan each delivery bundle to a tote before packaging it up then scan the tote again before putting it into the truck. Once the driver is at the facility, GPS will also verify that the driver is at the correct location. All this data is sent back through DocuTrack as an automatic manifest.

Highest levels of accountability

If you need to know who signed for a medication bundle and when, we can provide you that information within seconds. If we have made an error in your delivery, we will know every employee that touched the package so we can resolve the issue quickly and ensure it doesn’t happen in the future.

AcudoseRX and EMMA


LifeLine24 utilizes a state of the art emergency medication cabinet.  AcudoseRX is an automated dispensing system that increases availability of medications, reduces medication errors, reduces diversion, saves time, and saves the facility financially.  Below is a description of top benefits facilities experience utilizing the AcuDoseRX system:

Reduces Medication Errors

Nurses need to be able to get certain medications on-demand. Nurses also don’t want to waste time at the cabinet figuring out where to find medication or worrying that medications won’t be there when they need them. With AcuDose, many of the errors that can crop up at these medication cabinets are greatly reduced, such as missing medication and medication confusion.

Financial Savings

AcuDose RX-1Since AcudoseRX tracks the removal of each medication we know exactly who each medication was used for. Therefore the facility no longer gets charged for missing medications from their emergency box.

Increases Availability of Medications

Depending on the configuration, AcudoseRX has the ability to store over 300 medications.
It also communicates to the pharmacy in real time to eliminate stock outs. It drastically increases the availability of medications compared to traditional emergency boxes.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

The AcuDose-RX system keeps track of inventory levels with the RightStock feature. As soon as a medication drops below a certain amount, an automatic refill order is filed. These levels can be set per medication and per cabinet. AcuDose RX-2This helps our technicians fill cabinets only when they really need to be restocked and keeps nurses from having to file refill orders as often.

The console of each cabinet is locked with biometric technology. All a nurse has to do is touch the pad and they gain access. No need for card swiping or remembering passwords. However, the system also keeps any drawers and compartments that aren’t needed locked during retrieval. This can be over-ridden if necessary. Since every medication is locked, and every time a nurse enters the AcudoseRx it is logged, the chance of diversion is greatly diminished. Also, it is possible for a nurse to save her retrieval mid-way in case of an interruption. When used properly, this cuts down on medication errors.

Time Savings

The drawers are also set up so that the same medications are placed in the same locations each time, and each appropriate compartment lights up when the nurse pulls medications out. This facilitates the speedy retrieval of medication.

Secure and Accurate Medication Dispensing

Drawers can also have multiple levels of security. You can lock access to certain medications to balance safety with accessibility. The facility nurse will also have to scan each compartment on refill. The system will warn the facility nurse if they are about to refill the container with the wrong medication.

Convenient Packaging

Also, the system can offer integrated medication bag drawers and printed labels, so that nurses can keep bundles of medication in one convenient package similar to our Parata PASS packages. It’s just one more feature that will help your nurses provide accurate medications every time to your patients.

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