Customer Service


LifeLine24 prides itself on providing excellent customer service. The founders of LifeLine24 started the company with the idea of bringing in the customer-service orientation of an independent retail pharmacy to the long-term caremarket. It’s all about forming a personal connection with each facility and getting to know their needs.

Customer service starts with the employees. Our employees’ knowledge and experience create a level of service designed to exceed your expectations. Every policy LifeLine24 incorporates is designed to provide better communication and/or provide nurses with more time to care for their residents.

We designed LifeLine’s services from the start with a customer focus, taking our years of experience in the pharmacy industry and applying it toward the needs of long-term carefacilities.

Here are some of the specialized services we offer:

  • 24-hour coverage – We guarantee that a pharmacist will be on-call for your facility at all hours.
  • All-week delivery – We have our own drivers, so we can deliveries any day of the week.
  • Systems integration – Our technology suite is designed to make our pharmacy seem invisible. The less you have to hear about us from your staff, the better we’re doing our job.
  • Individualized staff – Each facility gets assigned to just a handful of people. If your staff does need to interact with our pharmacy, they’ll know exactly who they will need to talk to.
  • Customer representative visits – Every few weeks, we send out a representative to talk to you and your staff to get feedback on how well we are serving you.

The goal is for our clients to feel like they have someone on their side that knows their unique situations and can respond appropriately, while still performing at the speed and efficiency necessary to meet them. LifeLine24 is ready to rise to the challenge of meeting your customer service expectations.