DeliveryTrack is LifeLine’s pharmacy delivery accountability system. It is the system that we use to close the gap between the pharmacy and the facility. One of the big worries that facilities have about medications is where they are during delivery. With DeliveryTrack, we can tell you exactly where that delivery is in real time. DeliveryTrack gives you lots of advantages:

No need to check the order

With DeliveryTrack, there is no need to wait for our drivers to verify each tote before delivery. Just scan, sign, and leave. No more waiting for the driver! The system will also flag for controlled substances that need additional signatures, so all regulations are followed.

Real-time tracking of deliveries

The system’s scanning and GPS features let everyone know where that delivery is in real time. You’ll never get an answer of “it’s out for delivery”. Using Google Maps, we are able to tell facilities within seconds where a delivery driver is. Not only that, but we can tell how long they have been on their route so far and if they have made any stops along the way.

Fewer Orders Not Received

Everything is checked over multiple times at the pharmacy before the truck leaves our parking lot. The driver has to manually scan each delivery bundle to a tote before packaging it up then scan the tote again before putting it into the truck. Once the driver is at the facility, GPS will also verify that the driver is at the correct location. All this data is sent back through DocuTrack as an automatic manifest.

Highest levels of accountability

If you need to know who signed for a medication bundle and when, we can provide you that information within seconds. If we have made an error in your delivery, we will know every employee that touched the package so we can resolve the issue quickly and ensure it doesn’t happen in the future.