The need to keep health records straight is imperative for facilities and pharmacies alike. FrameworkECM allows us to offer the ability to replace paper-based systems with a single software solution. FrameworkECM is designed to increase efficiency, productivity, and give your facility a competitive edge.

Here’s how:

No Lost Faxes

With FrameworkECM digital and cloud faxing systems, you will no longer worry about the pharmacy losing your fax, or waiting forever on the phone until they can verify the accuracy of an order. You can track your orders every step of the way.

Fewer order errors

You can assure your patients that they will get the right medications and ensure that our pharmacy will give them to you as you requested. FrameworkECM document viewer system allows us to zoom in on documents for clarification. A misread word can cause serious problems for your patients, and this system helps us help you get medications right the first time every time.

Easy pharmacy auditing

docu-2One of the major advantages of FrameworkECM is their barcoding system. Instead of having to manually type in invoice numbers or prescription orders, a simple scan will bring up the order and all related documentation. Barcodes can also be programmed to pre-clear prescription authorizations, and refills can be submitted in one batch.

These barcodes allow us to fulfill your orders very quickly with little hassle and allow you to confirm everything that was in order if something does go wrong. With just a few mouse clicks, the pharmacy can pull a complete history of every document related to a patient/resident or a delivery, and provide the facility with a history of the medication delivery process.