The centerpiece of LifeLine24’s technological suite is FrameworkLTC. FrameworkLTC is the “glue” that connects all of our other components together into one whole. It is also what allows us to build customized solutions for your facility. At LifeLine24, we believe that every facility should be able to control their pharmacy procedures. Here’s some of the benefits you’ll receive with this system.

Integrated patient medication records

With FrameworkLTC’s web interface, you can maintain patient/resident profiles, print medical records, and place orders to the pharmacy. FrameworkLTC also connects to Medispan’s Drug Therapy Monitoring System. This system flags many different types of potentially harmful interactions, and gives dosing recommendation based on patient age and renal function.

Full medication auditing

Framework-1Every order is tied to a master barcode that ties into all of our other systems. This barcode also ties into the patient/resident records.  Once a label is printed it is tracked through our workflow to completion.  FrameworkLTC does not allow us to complete our end of day until every label has gone through every workflow step.  What does this mean to the facility?  It means you have less order not received.


Cost control

Every facility is looking for ways to control cost.  FrameworkLTC has the ability to put restrictions such as an order must be approved by the facility if over a set cost before it can be sent.  FrameworkLTC allows us to put in hard stops so the medication is not sent without approval.


FrameworkLTC has an abundance of reports available for the facility.  However, if it does not have a report already available, it gives us the ability to customize one for you.

Facility LinkFramework-2

Secure communications

Another key piece to this system is Facility Link. This is a private, secured communication system between facilities and the pharmacy that allows sharing of patient information.

Pre-admission auditing

When a new patient comes in, it can be difficult to estimate the costs of their medications before admission. With FrameworkLTC, you can use Facility Link to find out how much they will cost your facility before you quote a price to the resident.


FrameworkLTC gives you the ability to re-order medications through Facility Link.  The system will flag you if the re-order is too soon or if it was already ordered today.


You can track your orders and see what is being delivered in your tote for the day. You can see what was in the tote previous days as well.  It also gives yout the ability to do a report for all new orders from a specified time frame.

Medical Records

New admit, cant read what the prior nurse wrote on the MAR or its just messy?  Through Facility Link framework gives you the ability to print off Medical Records at the facility.  LifeLine24 can still print them for you as well.


Do you ever wonder if your pharmacy is giving you credit for everything you return?  FrameworkLTC gives you that confidence.  Through Facility Link you can reconcile your returns.  The report shows you what you indicated was returned, what was credited, and reason why if it was unable to be credited.  It simply gives you peace of mind.

These are just a few of the advantages LifeLine24 offers you through the use of FrameworkLTC.
Simply put, FrameworkLTC is our most powerful tool to help facilities keep control of their processes while also enjoying the benefits of our technology suite