About Joseph Wittrock

Joseph Wittrock is one of the founders of LifeLine24 Pharmacy. His road to the pharmaceutical industry began with a doctorate in pharmacy and a masters in public administration from the University of Kentucky in 1999.

He realized that he could leverage both his retail experience and his clinical knowledge in a way that benefited everyone in the long-term care industry. As a long-term care pharmacist, he could interact equally with doctors, nurses, and patients.

After an internship in long-term care, he teamed up with Baptist Convalescence Center for five years and developed a personal care pharmacy in Kentucky.

During his time with those businesses, he learned how to market pharmaceutical services to many different kinds of facilities. A large regional long-term care pharmacy recognized his abilities and hired him as a pharmacist. Having someone who could sell pharmacy services and speak the language of healthcare was a benefit to the company. Here he was able to hone his talents as both a pharmacist and a marketer for seven years.

Taking all the knowledge and experience he had gained, Joe realized that there was a way he could build his own business and take things in a new direction. He opened LifeLine24 Pharmacy. Since then, LifeLine24 has grown to service over 5000 beds in the tri-state area using word-of-mouth advertising and a focus on building strong customer relationships.

Joseph Wittrock

Chief Executive Officer