Features & Benefits of using LifePack


At LifeLine24, we believe that using strip packaging for medications is a key innovation in modern pharmacies. It is far safer to use than older medication systems. The specific type of strip packaging we are using is called LifePack.


This is all done at our Parata PASS system which is a medicine packaging automation system that has been shown to reduce the time it takes a nurse to complete their med-pass by 30-45 minutes. At LifeLine, our goal is to have all of the medications for all our facilities filled and ready for delivery in 24 hours or less. Parata PASS is our key tool for that goal.


Strip packaging creates a safer, more efficient med-pass. Your patients’ medications are ready for administration in easy-to-use strip packaging. Packages can include details such as patient name and location, hour of administration, medication name, strength and pill description.


In a Long Term Care facility environment, it is easy to get interrupted while preparing and delivering medications. Parata PASS packages patient medicines by dosing times in a strip packaging format. Each packet is clear, so all pills are visible. This eliminates the need for nurses to go through blister packs and bingo cards to get medicine. It’s one of the ways that LifeLine24 uses to minimize the risk of medication errors.


Your nurses won’t have to punch cards at a patient’s bedside; they simply check the MAR and tear open the package. Non-oral meds, such as an inhaler, can be noted on the package to remind the nurse to administer. If needed, pills can be crushed in the package and added to a food source.


Other advantages to your facility include:

  • Increased Accuracy — Barcode technology on the packets provides increased accuracy with an eMAR.
  • Easy medication changes – A nurse simply seals off a changed med in another LifePack package to be sent back to the pharmacy. New meds can be sent directly from the pharmacy in another LifePack strip until the next refill.
  • Improved state survey results, patient outcomes and nurse satisfaction rates.
  • Short-cycle compliance and reduced medication waste – Choose cycles ranging from 24 hours to 28 days.


By reducing medication errors and improving patient adherence, your facility can provide a better level of care for all of your patients and improve staff morale. Another part of this system, Parata Check PASS, visually scans all packages in the strips before we send them out. In the rare event that you do get a package that contains something it shouldn’t, the scanning at the eMAR check will immediately flag it. We can pull up our scanned image and see what went wrong and who handled the package before it left the pharmacy.


Put simply, Parata PASS helps us to provide the safest and most efficient way to dispense medications to your facility.


We specialize in the LifePack24 for our Skilled Nursing facilities, a 24 hour supply of medications delivered to the nursing station on a daily basis.  This system reduces nursing time passing meds by about 30 to 45 minutes per medication pass.  It saves the facility financially by reducing medication waste and nursing time.  More importantly it gives the nurse more time to manage the resident’s healthcare needs.
For our assisted living, home health, and developmentally disables facilities we have the LifePack7 (7 days supply), LifePack14 (14 days supply), and LifePack28 (28 days supply), and LifePack3-4 (3 day/4day supply per week).