Parata Systems


LifeLine24 our goal is to assist in making the nursing processes more efficient. One of our key technologies to make this happen is our Parata PASS system. It is a medicine packaging automation system that has been shown to reduce the time it takes a nurse to complete their med-pass by 30-45 minutes.   The efficiency of Parata Pass not only helps the nursing staff but is the cornerstone of how we can fill your medications every day in a 24-hour pack which allows us to get your medications to you faster. Parata PASS strip packaging also offers your facility many benefits:

Drastically reduces medication errors by using strip packaging

Parata PASS packages patient medicines by dosing times in a strip packaging format. Each packet is clear, so all pills are visible. This eliminates the need for nurses to go through blister packs and bingo cards to get medicine.

Clear labeling

Each medication package has the following information printed on it:

  • Patient/Resident name
  • The time the medicine is to be administered
  • The names of the medication and their strengths
  • Directions for the medications
  • Expiration dates
  • Bar coding for integration with our DocuTrack system

All the nurse has to do is check their eMAR against the package, open it up, and follow the directions printed.

Control Medication Costs

With Parata, we can send out medications on a 24-hour supply schedule. This helps your facility save money. We have found that restocking fees drop significantly with facilities that use strip packaging systems like Parata, and LifeLine’s integrated technology suite drops costs even further.

Parata Check-Pass

Facilities and state regulatory agencies want to make sure that the right medications are getting to the right people. It all begins at the pharmacy, and our Parata PASS and Parata Pearl Check PASS systems help to ensure that this happens right from the beginning. The Parata Check PASS machine is our automated medication packaging verification system.

Package Verification

You don’t have time to track down pharmacy errors. It’s the responsibility of your long-term care pharmacy to make sure that all medications are delivered properly. By using systems like Parata Pearl Check PASS, LifeLine24 can provide a visual audit trail of all medications that are dispensed from our pharmacy.

Visual check of all medications

parata-packagesAs the packages are coming off of the dispensing system, they are spooled for analysis by Parata Pearl Check PASS. The system scans the barcode on each system to verify the contents and takes a photograph of what is inside the package. The software analyzes each pill against Parata’s medication database for size, shape, and color. If it thinks it finds an error, the system will flag that package for additional physical inspection by a pharmacist.

Medication control

Missing medication is a nightmare. If it should be discovered that medications are going missing or you suspect that someone on your staff is stealing medications, we can help you. You can use our auditing system to show that the pills were shipped out correctly. Our other systems track the medication through delivery, handoff, and administration, helping you to narrow down suspects. By combining Parata PASS and Parata Pearl Check PASS, LifeLine24 is able to provide the verification procedures you need to take full advantage of Parata PASS packaging. For more information about Parata PASS, we invite you to read our information page on this offering.