Consulting Services

LifeLine recognizes the value of having independent consulting pharmacists partner with our facilities. LifeLine24 has an exclusive relationship with Medication Managers, LLC. This locally-owned, consulting-only company provides top of the line consultant pharmacists as well as formulary management.  The formulary management employed by Medication Managers is tailored to the specific needs of each facility ensuring maximum cost containment for our facilities.

In addition to providing excellent regulatory, psychotropic and drug regimen review consulting, our independent consultants provide formulary management services to long-term care facilities. This helps to reduce the costs to their Medicare Part A population and provide more efficient and less complicated services to their entire long-term care population.

Our independent consulting pharmacists help us by:

  • Decreasing unnecessary medications – It is easy to decrease medications, however, it takes a strong clinical knowledge to be able to predict outcomes when reducing medications and remain compliant with today’s ever changing regulations.
  • Making Formulary Recommendations – Medication Managers is responsible for assisting facilities in developing their formularies.  The formulary is designed to provide a cost savings to the facility.
  • Developing Facility Protocols – Medication Managers will help develop protocols with other clinical employees at the facility. These protocols are used to address high cost medications through proper utilization, proper duration of therapy, and possible substitutions.
  • Conducting Pre-Admission Reviews – Medication Managers has developed a program to do a pre-admission review of your new residents.  This program helps you identify high cost medications and possible alternatives prior to admission.  With cutbacks affecting nursing facilities, programs like these are becoming more and more valuable.