When it comes to the delivery of medications it can be one of the most difficult times for both facilities and pharmacies. We eliminate this difficulty with the systems we use for every medication order. Below is a description of a few of the systems we use to deliver medications to facilities in a timely and accurate fashion.

Delivery Track

DeliveryTrack is a pharmacy delivery accountability system that integrates with our DocuTrack system. With DeliveryTrack, we can tell you exactly where your delivery is in real time. Typically you can have STAT deliveries received at your facility within two hours of placing the order.

Barcode Verification

After all the medication is packaged for a facility, it is placed into special barcoded totes. The driver scans the totes that are on their route. The system will notify the driver when they have all the packages for their route and if they have any incorrect totes. Once the delivery is confirmed correct, the tote is locked and packed into the truck.

GPS & DocuTrack

Once the driver is at the facility, a GPS device will also verify that the driver is at the correct location. Packages are scanned after delivery and signed for. All this data is sent back through DocuTrack as an automatic manifest. If you need to know who signed for a medication tote and when, we can provide you that information within seconds.

An additional benefit of multiple cross checks is the ability to sign for an entire tote at once with confidence, rather than going through every tote for accuracy. This will save your nursing staff a lot of time. Only “controlled” medications that require immediate and individual confirmation and signature by an RN will still need manual inspection.