Dispensing Methods

LifeLine24 has several methods of dispensing and allows your facility the opportunity to select the option you believe is right for your particular situation.  Our premier form of packaging is our LifePack system, but we understand that some facilities may prefer other methods of packaging. While a choice of dispensing is available, LifeLine’s standard of packaging never changes.

Here are some advantages for our other dispensing methods:

Standard Unit Dose

  • Individual oral solid medications are packaged with the medication’s name, lot number, and expiration date.  They are also bar-coded to ensure accuracy.
  • LifeLine Pharmacy uses “Tall-man Lettering” when printing medication information to reduce “look alike, sounds alike” errors.

Bubble Packaging

  • Bubble packaging ensures product/packaging integrity (including shelf life) of each individual dose.
  • The possibility to create a compliance pack or calendar pack by printing the days of the week above each dose.


Regardless of what method of packaging you choose for your facility, we are able to accept most forms of medication back to our pharmacies for credit. The lot numbers and expiration dates are printed on the packaging in every dispensing method which allows us to provide this benefit.