Lifecycle Refill

At LifeLine24, we are striving to increase the level of service that we can offer to our clients in an industry where other long-term care pharmacies are reducing services.

One feature that we want to highlight is our LifeCycle Fill program. We know that facilities will always need certain common medications refilled every month.  To anticipate this need, a LifeLine24 employee will come to your facility once a month to automatically refill routine medications for the coming month without your needing to reorder.

By doing this, we can help your facility reduce much of the routine work that happens every month. Nurses spend less time having to reorder the same routine medications every month. We also take this opportunity to audit the cabinet to ensure all medications are current and accurate to the MAR.

Other benefits of this program include:

  • Prevention of excess medications building up in your cabinets.
  • Fewer meds to check-in during delivery
  • Less time spent returning unused meds
  • QA measurements to alert staff if a med dosage is incorrect or if diversion is taking place
  • Even billing cycle
  • Fewer notifications sent to staff regarding meds being ordered too soon

It’s just a simpler way to do business, and one that we know you and your staff will appreciate. This is just one of many features that LifeLine24 can offer your facility.