Pharmacy Technology Solutions

The Latest Technology Makes Us More Flexible

Our suite of technology has been carefully chosen to provide maximum flexibility to our clients. It also allows us to deliver pharmaceuticals faster and more accurately than our competitors.

Parata Systems

One of our key technologies at LifeLine24 is our Parta PASS system. It is a medicine packaging automation system that has been shown to reduce our filling times by 30-45 systems minutes per medpass. At LifeLine24, our goal is to have all of the medications for all our facilities filled and ready for delivery in 24 hours or less. Parta PASS is our key tool for that goal.

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Frameworks LTC

The centerpiece of LifeLine’s technological suite is their use of FrameworkLTC. FrameworkLTC is the “glue” that connects all of our other components together into one whole into a customized solution for your facility. By allowing data to be shared and compared between every component of LifeLine’s fulfillment process.

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In emergency situations nurses need access to medication immediately. Acudose-Rx is our solution for the e-box or e-kit. The Acudose-Rx solves typical e-box problems such as; missing and selecting the wrong medication.

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DeliveryTrack allows the tracking of the medication between the pharmacy and the nursing facility. With DeliveryTrack we can tell you the location of your ordered medications in real time.

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The need for accurate health records is imperative for facilities and pharmacies alike. DocuTrack allows us to offer the ability to replace paper-based systems with a single software solution. The benefit for your long-term care facility is increased efficiency and fewer errors.

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The distribution and tracking of medication within a facility is of the utmost importance. Accu-flo is our solution that handles the accurate collection, editing, transportation, organization and storage of long-term care medication events. Accu-flo produces savings for your facility by reducing staff labor hours while increasing safety standards by reducing medication errors.

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