About Wally Williams

Wally Williams is one of the founders of LifeLine24 Pharmacy. He has a rich background in the pharmacy industry and work experience has given him the knowledge to make a long-term care pharmacy function at its best.

After graduating from University of Cincinnati in 1990 with a degree in Pharmacy, he began working at a busy independent retail pharmacy in Ohio. Wally worked there for seven years, but he felt like he could be doing more with his skills.

Wally began working as a pharmacist at a large regional long-term care pharmacy in the evenings, while pursuing his passion for golf during the day. He eventually became a manager, then Director of Pharmacy Operations. In this position, he was involved with every level of the pharmacy, from the technicians to the delivery drivers to the pharmacists. By the end of his 10 year employment there, the number of beds grew from roughly 4,000 to 10,000.

Still, he knew he wanted to go further. He talked with his friend, Joe Wittrock, about how they could open their own long-term care pharmacy together, one that focused on a high level of customer service, while still addressing the needs of long-term care facilities. After founding LifeLine24 Pharmacy in 2007 and expanding in Ohio, Wally moved to Florida to begin work on expanding LifeLine’s operations there.

Wally Williams

Chief Executive Officer