Why LifeLine?

Our mission at LifeLine24 is to deliver a caring level of service to all the facilities we service. Through our experienced staff and our suite of cloud-based technologies, we can provide a level of service superior to our competitors.

Pharmaceutical technology has changed dramatically over the past few years. Vendors that fail to keep up not only make your facility less efficient, but they can put your patients at risk. Here are a few things we are doing at LifeLine24 to help you:

We Make Transitioning Between Pharmacy Vendors Easy

We know that transferring between pharmacy vendors is one of the most stressful transitions a long-term care facility can make. That’s why we work every step of the way with your entire staff and current vendor to ensure a smooth transition.

The first step is to meet with your staff and learn what’s missing with your current vendor’s service offering. Once we have that information, we show you how our technology suite and processes can make the link between our pharmacy and your facility the most efficient.

Next, we have a training regimen for all staff who will handle medications They will learn about our technologies and we will address any concerns they may have. Since LifeLine24 places a high priority on keeping up with the latest medication technologies, it is important that everyone is trained in these technologies first before going through the transition.

Once everyone is trained and the plan is in place, we then work with your current vendor to learn about medication ordering patterns and current orders. The changeover will be a seamless transition for you.


Our core technology is LifePack24, based off of the ParataPASS form of strip packaging. This form of packaging puts medications in clear packages which are labeled by patient name and dosing times. This has several benefits including:

  • 30-45 minute reduction in med-pass times
  • Far fewer medication mix-ups
  • Far fewer orders not received
  • Less confusion by nurses and techs about medication administration
  • Greater patient adherence to medication protocols

All that is required by the nurse is to find the strip packages that correspond to their patients from the pharmacy, scan them (if you use a capable eMAR) or sign them off of the Medication Administration Record, and administer to the patient.

The clear packaging allows nurses to confirm counts and types of pills every step of the way, and there’s no confusion about what time the meds should be given.

No more counting pills, punching bingo cards, or fumbling with blister packs at the nurse’s station. LifePack24 is a more accurate and safer way to administer meds.

Staying on Top of Technology

LifePack24 isn’t the only technology we use. We have an entire suite of technologies to help facilities reach new levels of efficiency and safety. Have a concern that a medication was not in your LifePack. No problem. Each LifePack of medication is tracked by our systems and a verification of the correct medication is confirmed by our Parata Check Pass. It even takes a scan of each pack that we can pull up later.

That’s not all we do though:

Need to ensure authorizations on certain medications due to cost? We can handle that.

Want to see what is in your delivery and know how long before your medication delivery arrives at the facility? We can tell you that in real time and tell you where the driver is located via GPS and Google Maps..

Does your ebox become depleted and medications are not available to be administered when needed? Our Acudose cabinets automatically order replacement medications so there will always be medications available when needed.

How much time does nursing spend filling out E-box usage forms, tracking down who medication was used for when forms are not completed, paying for missing medications in the ebox? All of this is eliminated with our AcudoseRX. It tracks activity down to the nurse who removed the medication, the patient it was used for, and how many are left in the machine. Saving time and money all while increasing safety and decreasing diversion.

This is just a small taste of what we can do to help you. For more information about how LifeLine24 can help your facility, please contact us.