Why Multi-Dose Packaging Is Better Compared To Unit-Dose Packaging


When a nurse receives a package of medications for a patient or resident, the way that it is packaged can have a profound effect on their efficiency. Medical technology has advanced to the point where daily medications can be packaged for each patient in a single bundle, rather than in separate individual dosages. Multi-dose packaging is one of the many reasons why systems like Parata, a medication dispensing technology that offers this type of packaging, are growing in popularity.

Multi-dose packaging has several advantages:

Less work for the nurse

A medication dispensing system like Parata can distribute just the right amount of medication for a client each day. There’s no need to comb through all the medications, disassemble blister packs, count them up, and place them in the right bundles. The machine handles it for them. Just this feature alone can save each nurse 30-45 minutes each day.

Increased accuracy

When nurses have to take care of many different patients or residents, it can be difficult to maintain medication accuracy day after day. Instead, the nurse can pull up the patient record, confirm the correct amounts, and have the Parata System bundle everything up.Not only that, it is possible to have each package of medicine labeled with a time stamp to let the nurse know when to dispense it. It’s a simple matter of opening the patient’s bundle and taking out the correct package at the correct time.

Less waste

Less waste is generated when a multi-dose system is used. All of the medications are specifically packaged for dispensing when they are put into the machine. In a large facility, the dumpsters receive hundreds of thousands of little blister packs and foil peels. Not so with a multi-dose distribution system.

These are just three reasons that medication cabinets with multi-dose packaging, like Parata, are superior to older unit-dose methods. It’s simply a more efficient, accurate, and less wasteful method for medication dispensing.

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